Why should I use online banking?

By - February 2, 2020

Using online banking saves you money.

One way online banking saves you money is by helping you detect fraud faster. You will be able to access your account any time to see the checks, debit card transactions, and credit card transactions that have cleared, usually within twenty-four hours of the transaction. If you see something that is wrong, you can call the bank and have the transaction investigated right away. Changing your method of receiving bank and credit card statements to paperless can also help you avoid having them stolen from your mail. Plus, with many banks, you also save the cost of paper statement fees.

Another way online banking saves you money is by saving you the cost of more time. The process of entering transactions and reconciling your bank and credit card accounts takes less time when done with online banking and when using the Bank Feeds feature in QuickBooks Online. Using online bill pay is fast and quick and therefore less expensive than the cost of stuffing envelopes. It also reduces your costs of postage and paper check stock.

Online banking is also a green solution for your company. By reducing your company’s use of paper you are helping to preserve the environment.